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A caravan mover, (or caravan motor mover) can move your caravan in any direction, forward, backwards, turn and even rotate on the spot (single axle vans). All this is controlled by a simple remote control. The system consists of two or four electric motors driving rollers that engage with the caravan tyres to move the caravan. The drive rollers are engaged with the tyres to manoeuvre the caravan and disengaged when you are towing, they are powered from your caravan leisure battery.

Yes, there are models designed specifically for single axle and twin axle caravans. In general a single axle caravan can be rotated on the spot whereas a twin axle van cannot. The Powrtouch Compact Single and Heavy Duty Single are suitable for single axle caravans whilst the Twin and the All Wheel Drive are designed for twin axle caravans. The Twin drives two of the four wheels, whilst the AWD drives all four.

The system controlling the motors on the Compact or Heavy Duty Single can drive one wheel forward and one wheel backwards thus spinning the caravan around on the spot. The drive control system on Twin and AWD does not allow this as the non-driven wheels will scrub, instead they will allow as tight a turn as possible.

Whilst there are many different configurations for wheels and chassis on caravans, the good news is that there are always options that will enable us to correctly fit a motor mover. If you have any concerns then we can advise you based on our many years of experience fitting movers.

Most caravan motor movers weigh about 30-35kg. An all wheel drive installation with four motors will weigh around 60-70kg. When selecting a mover it is important to ensure that it is suitable for the weight of your caravan, and also don't forget that the weigh counts towards your overall payload.

The speed will decrease a little going up hill and increases a little going downhill.
When going up hill it is more efficient to reverse your caravan so that the jockey wheel is trailing the caravan.

When you operator your motor mover on gravel it is possible that the jockey wheel will dig in a lead your caravan incorrectly. We recommend that you reverse your caravan when moving on gravel so that the jockey wheel is trailing.

All motor movers have recommended weights for the caravans that you should not exceed. For lighter twin axle caravans you will most likely be OK with a two motor system, but for the ultimate manoeuvrability and for heavier caravans, the extra power of an All Wheel Drive model is the best choice.

Cross actuation is the ability to simultaneously engage the motors with the tyres on both sides of the caravan from one side. Powrtouch call this the "PowrBar", this is normally an additional cost option, but we believe this is so useful that will include in on all models free of charge. It is essential if you need to park the caravan close against a wall for example. Without cross actuation you must engage or disengage each drive roller independently.

The Evolution comes in two version manual and electronic engage, the Evolution Auto mover's drive rollers are engaging and disengaging electrically. You control the whole process from the remote - the ultimate in stress free caravan moving.

Yes, our experienced support team on 08000 226 126 can answer your questions and guide you through the selection process.

All Powrtouch models have a 'soft start' feature. This gently accelerates the motors eliminating any nasty jolts. This aids positioning and is kinder to your caravan and its tyres.

All Powrtouch caravan movers will automatically hold the caravan still when all control buttons are released.

Caravan motor movers do draw a significant amount of power from the leisure battery, particularly when on gradients or rough terrain. We always recommend upgrading the battery to at least 110Ah just for your peace of mind. If you are thinking of upgrading you battery, we always carry new 110Ah units on our vans.

Powrtouch models can be installed by any competent mechanically minded DIYer. But if you are unsure, we can offer you the peace of mind of a full fitting service for you at your home by our professional fitters. Fitting takes between 1 and 4 hours depending on the mover model and caravan axle configuration.

Yes, all PowrTouch movers can be removed from your old caravan and transferred to your new one. You cannot swap a single axle model to a twin axle caravan and vice versa. If the caravans have different chassis you may need different brackets.

We come to you we have fitters all over the country.

Fitting a mover to a single axle caravan takes about 1 to 1½ hours.
Fitting all wheel drive models to twin axle vans takes about 2 to 3 hours.

No quibble five year parts and labour guarantee if we fit it for you, five year parts only if you decide to fit the unit yourself. More details on the guarantee can be found here.

Powrtouch unit can be easily moved from one caravan to another. Although you cannot move a single axle Powrtouch to a twin axle caravan and vice-versa, some makes of caravans may also have different chassis types so additional plates may be required.


Yes, it will withstand typical weather and road conditions. We recommend basic maintenance every 3 - 6 months. The 5 year guarantee is a mark of the confidence we have in this product.

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