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Chris Jefferies: Caravan movers are rapidly becoming must have items for many caravanners, offering easy manoeuvres both at home and on your pitch. So to find out more about this growing trend Caravan Times has come to the East Midlands today to meet Powrwheel who are the makes of the UK's most popular range of caravan movers.

So Adrian tell me, how does a caravan mover work

Adrian Bishop: A caravan mover works by being attached to the underside of the caravan. You have a roller which engages to each wheel and by the handset you can stand at any point of the caravan and be confident that you have absolute control over the caravan in any situation. Whether it's on the flat, or whether it's with a tight turn, or whether it's a steep drive, whether it's a muddy situation, or whether it's a sandy situation as you often find in France on the continent. The mover is a solution for these problems that caravanners come across. You can put your caravan down your driveway or in your storage location nose first which is an added deterrent to deter people from stealing your caravan.

CJ: So Richard, you fit these movers for a living, what is it that people say they like about them?

Richard Cowen: Initially they are buying them because like this situation it's difficult to put the caravan away. Whether they keep it at home or getting on their site.

CJ: In understand that they are very popular among people who have wheel locks like the Alko Secure, why is that?

RC: Because the Alko Secure is a very good lock, but you have to be so precise to fit it on the spokes, there is no leeway, so particularly with insurance companies insisting that you now fit them for your insurance, you need the accuracy that the mover give you to allow you to do it. You couldn't do it by hand. So by having the mover and taking it up the ramp, it will hold it on the hill, you can move it back and forward until it just fits in. And it make life so much easier.

AB: We've got over 20 years of experience within the caravan industry, and we have evolved a reputation for reliability and people have grown to trust and have confidence in the company and in the product.

CJ: We've heard from Powrwheel themselves, but what do their customers think? We've come to visit some powrwheel owners to find out what they have to say.

Well I chose it because of the reputation and for the guarantee which I know from experience is absolutely superb. I did look at other ones that I know, and so do some of our caravanning friends, but these are really the bees-knees as far as motor movers are concerned.

I have a very steep drive, I needed something that had power in it to fetch it up this drive. And also I have to fetch it on the grass as well. I'm absolutely delighted with. It'll either spin it on the spot, I put it not within an inch of where I want it I can put it exactly where I want it. You can see how it's moving there with this wheel digging ito this wet ground, that's will all the bad weather we've had. Even though it's leaving a rut, it's doing it. This is putting it up the side of the garage, exactly where I want it. Take it in to absolution perfection.

I was a bit stubborn I didn't want to actually have a motor mover on the caravan. I've got a two ton car that does the job for me. But we're going off to Italy this summer and apparently the pitches are quite small. We said that it's not the time to find out that I can't reverse in because the pitch it too small and the access isn't good.

I find it easy to use, stress free, I can just move the van into a space that I want it to go in. My husband can go off and do another job or sort the car out and its easy. Press the buttons and it goes where you want.

I did a lot of research on the Internet and the thing that kept coming back off all the forums was that Powrwheel had the best warranty and best customer service. We had it fitted whilst I was at work and they did a fantastic job for me

It really is good and it really lives up to it's name of what it should do, and without it we can't do anything, we've have the caravan in our back garden!

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